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Explore Salzburg, discover Alpin Present, learn to love Salzburg, and take Salzburg home with you. While we can’t wrap up the whole city for you, what we certainly can do is supply you with souvenirs that allow you to take the feeling of the city – the freedom to let your soul wander – home with you. Special souvenirs are the perfect mementos for special times spent in special cities – ideally they allow you to revisit the cities in your imagination.

This is precisely what we want to achieve with the unique souvenirs we create in-house: a short break for your mind. We know and love Salzburg as a city of beauty, diversity, and wonders. We want to share our perception with you. Explore Mozart’s hometown for yourself!

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Store Getreidegasse

Located at Getreidegasse 14

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Store Kapitelplatz

On the Kapitelplatz at the entrance St. Peter

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Store Grünmarkt

Directly in front of the Kollegienkirche Salzburg

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Located at Robinigstrasse 26a | 5020 Salzburg

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Gifts and souvernirs from Salzburg. Traditional and handmade products.